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Start your journey for a healthier and happier life.

Manage your stress, regain energy, improve your sleep and motivation.

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Feeling tired all the time?
Drowning in the chaos of daily life, feeling overwhelmed and burnt out? 

 Are you constantly battling fatigue, struggling to find the energy to get through the day? You're not alone. The demands of modern life often leave us drained and exhausted. Trip To Be Fit will help you to pinpoint the root causes of your fatigue, providing personalised strategies to boost your vitality. 

boost of energy
better night sleep

Do you find yourself suffering with insomnia or sleep deprivation?  

Is a restful night's sleep becoming an elusive dream? If you suffering with insomnia, sleep apnea, or simply feeling unhappy due to sleep deprivation, Trip To Be Fit will help you to uncover the reasons behind your sleep struggles discovering dietary and lifestyle changes to improve your sleep.

Craving Happiness and Balance? Finding it difficult to relax? 

Do you often find yourself feeling unhappy, searching for life balance? Trip To Be Fit will guide you on a journey to happiness though nutrition, mindfulness techniques such as meditation and lifestyle adjustments.

Mindfulness meditation and being happy

Struggling with weight around the middle and lack of motivation? 

Are you battling fatigue while also carrying excess weight around the middle? It's a common struggle, and I understand the frustration. Cortisol imbalance and circadian rhythm disruptions can impact your energy levels and weight gain.

Trip To Be Fit takes a holistic approach to break this challenging cycle between lack of motivation, excess weight and hormones, providing effective nutritional and lifestyle advice.

sustainable weight loss

1:1 sessions for a healthier, more energised version of yourself

Navigating the chaos of stress, energy depletion, burnout, sleep deprivation and weight loss can be overwhelming. I get it because I've been there! Always on the go, constantly stressed, and relaxation seemed like a distant concept. But, through my journey, I found different ways to overcome this chaos we all face in this modern society.

Now, my mission is to help people to be healthier and happier by addressing burnout, sleep deprivation, energy depletion and weight management.

 Book a FREE Health Transformation Call with me and we can discuss how we can work together and which option best suits your needs. Whether is a short introductory session or comprehensive long-term support, I can help you to set achievable goals and guide you on the journey to lasting energy and life balance.


Book a Consultation or Ask me a Question

If you have any inquiries, wish to schedule a consultation, or seek further information on how we can work together, please contact me using the provided form. I aim to respond within 24 hours.


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Happy Clients :)

"Dominika is simply brilliant. Very knowledgeable and keeps you motivated. She has not only helped me with my training, but with great nutrition advice too. If you want to get results and make positive changes, I would highly recommend Domi."


"I have been working with Dominika for 3 months and with her advice and support my fitness and hence my confidence have dramatically improved. I now feel more confident in the gym, and Dominika has given great advice on exercises which I would not have dreamed of doing previously. I have a long way to go, but with the results so far I feel sure that I will reach my goals with Dominika’s support. Highly recommended!!"


She is the best personal trainer I've ever met. she has great knowledge, experience and everything she does is done with passion. She’s always positive and smiling 😊😊😊


"Domi, was a fantastic trainer, very patient and extremely knowledgeable. She devised a full program for me with body weight training, and wrote a full diet plan. Nothing was too much effort and i saw great results."


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